Nexen Special Patterns

With various patterns, works best in every environment.
The expected performance of tyre is different by working environments and vehicles.
You can choose the optimised product for your working environments and it will guarantee maximum efficiency.


Rim SizeTyre SizeRimPattern
84.00-83.00 RimRIB
84.00-83.75 RimRIB
85.00-83.75 RimRIB
96.00-94.00 Rim SMOOTH
1021x7-105.00 Rim Easy-FitSMOOTH
127.00-125.00 RimSMOOTH
15300-158.00 RimSMOOTH
208.25-206.50 RimLUG
2010.00-207.50 RimSMOOTH
2012.00-208.50 RimSMOOTH
20355/50-2010.0 Rim Easy-FitSMOOTH

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