Nexen Solidpro 700

Nexen Solidpro 700

The most enlightened solid resilient tyre, SOLIDPRO.

  • Powerful performance and stability.
  • Multi-tread pattern for a variety of performances.
  • Experience the 3-layered premium solid resilient tyre.


Rim SizeTyre SizeNon MarkingTread
53.50-52.50 RimNoSolidpro MTP
53.50-52.50 Rim NMWYesSolidpro MTP
53.50-53.00 RimNoSolidpro MTP
815x4.5-83.00 RimNoSolidpro MTP
815x4.5-83.00 Rim Easy-FitNoSolidpro MTP
815x4.5-83.00 Rim NMW Easy-FitSolidpro MTP
816x6-84.33 Rim Easy-FitNoSolidpro MTP
816x6-84.33 Rim NMWYesSolidpro MTP
85.00-83.00 RimNoSolidpro MTP
85.00-83.00 Rim NMWYesSolidpro MTP
818x7-84.33 RimNoSolidpro MTP
818x7-84.33 RimNoSolidpro MTP
818x7-84.33 Rim NMWYesSolidpro MTP
9140/55-94.00 Rim Easy-FitNoSolidpro MTP
9140/55-94.00 Rim NMW Easy-FitYesSolidpro MTP
96.00-94.00 RimNoSolidpro MTP
96.00-94.00 Rim Easy-FitNoSolidpro MTP
96.00-94.00 Rim NMWYesSolidpro MTP
921x8-96.00 RimNoSolidpro MTP
921x8-96.00 Rim NMWYesSolidpro MTP
10180/60-105.00 Rim Easy-FitNoSolidpro MTP
10180/60-105.00 Rim NMW Easy-FitYesSolidpro MTP
10200/50-106.50 Rim Easy-FitNoSolidpro MTP
10200/50-106.50 Rim NMW Easy-FitYesSolidpro MTP
106.50-105.00 RimNoSolidpro MTP
106.50-105.00 Rim NMWYesSolidpro MTP
1023x9-106.50 Rim Easy-FitNoSolidpro MTP
127.00-125.00 RimNoSolidpro MTP
127.00-125.00 Rim NMWYesSolidpro MTP
23x53.75 Rim Easy-FitNoSolidpro MTP
156.00-154.50 RimNoSolidpro MTP
157.00-156.00 RimNoSolidpro MTP
157.00-155.50 Rim NMWYesSolidpro MTP
157.00-156.00 Rim NMWYesSolidpro MTP
158.15-15 (28x9-15)7.00 RimNoSolidpro MTP
158.15-15 (28x9-15)7.00 Rim NMWYesSolidpro MTP
15250-157.00 RimNoSolidpro MTP
15250-157.00 Rim NMWYesSolidpro MTP
158.25-156.50 RimNoSolidpro MTP
15300-158.00 RimNoSolidpro MTP
15300-158.00 Rim NMWYesSolidpro MTP
15355/65-159.75 RimNoSolidpro MTP
15400/60-1511.0 Rim Easy-FitNoSolidpro MTP
167.50-166.00 RimNoSolidpro MTP
209.00-207.00 RimNoSolidpro MTP
2010.00-207.50 RimNoSolidpro MTP
2011.00-208.00 RimNoSolidpro MTP
2012.00-208.00 RimNoSolidpro MTP
2012.00-208.50 RimNoSolidpro MTP
2412.00-248.50 RimNoSolidpro MTP
2412.00-2410.0 RimNoSolidpro MTP
2414.00-2410.0 RimNoSolidPro MTA

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