Nexen POB Treaded

NEXEN POB, From small forklifts to Special Vehicles.

Press-on tyre (cushion tyre) is mainly equipped on small/electric forklifts and suitable for indoor workings and warehouses.
For special applications, from caster to boarding bridge tyre, NEXEN provides a various size range.


Tyre SizeNon MarkingTread
16x5x10.5NoMTA N
16x6x10.5NoMTA N
18x6x12.125NoMTA N
18x8x12.125NoMTA N
18x7x12.125NoMTA N
21x7x15NoMTA N
21x8x15NoMTA N
20x9x16NoMS N
22x9x16NoMTA N
22x12x16NoMTA N

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