General Tire Lifter

General Tire Lifter

Optimised for Material Handling.

The General Tire Lifter is an affordable partner for indoor and outdoor applications with a strong focus on robustness.

  • Special compound for tread and sidewall results in protection against impacts and cuts and reduces tear prolongation.
  • Balanced traction and smooth and quiet running due to the shield pattern.

Lifter Clean

  • Clean and robust compound eliminating black floor markings for special industries


Tyre SizeTypeNon-Marking
125-75x8 (15x4.5-8)3.00 Rim SitNo
125-75x8 (15x4.5-8)3.00 Rim SitYes
5.00-83.00 rimNo
5.00-83.00 rimYes
150x75-8 (16x6-8)4.33 Rim SitNo
150x75-8 (16x6-8)4.33 RimNo
150x75-8 (16x6-8)4.33 Rim SitYes
150x75-8 (16x6-8)4.33 RimYes
180x70-8 (18x7-8)4.33 Rim SitNo
180x70-8 (18x7-8)4.33 RimNo
180x70-8 (18x7-8)4.33 Rim SitYes
200x75-9 (21x8-9)6.00 RimNo
200x75-9 (21x8-9)6.00 Rim SitYes
200x75-9 (21x8-9)6.00 RimYes
6.00-94.00 Rim SitNo
6.00-94.00 RimNo
6.00-94.00 RimYes
140x55-94.00 Rim SitNo
140x55-94.00 Rim SitYes
200x50-106.50 Rim SitYes
6.50-105.00 Rim SitNo
6.50-105.00 RimNo
6.50-105.00 Rim SitYes
6.50-105.00 RimYes
200x50-106.50 Rim SitNo
225x75-10 (23x9-10)6.50 Rim SitNo
7.00-125.00 Rim SitNo
7.00-125.00 RimNo
7.00-125.00 RimYes
225x75-15 (815x15 / 28/9-15)7.00 Rim SitNo
225x75-15 (815x15 / 28/9-15)7.00 RimNo
225x75-15 (815x15 / 28/9-15)7.00 RimYes
250x70-15 (250-15)7.00 RimNo
8.25-156.50 Rim SitNo
8.25-156.50 RimNo
315/70-15 (300-15)8.00 RimYes

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