Double Coin REM 6

The Double Coin REM-6 radial design delivers optimum performance and traction in industrial lug, crane and port applications.

The REM-6 is engineered with special tread compounds to run cool, fight rapid wear and deliver remarkable stability.

(IND) Industrial lug tyre.


Tyre SizePly RatingLI/SSTT/TLType
5.00R810111A5TTRadial M&I
6.00R912121A5TTRadial M&I
6.50R1012128A5TTRadial M&I
7.00R1214136A5TTRadial M&I
7.00R1514143A5TTRadial M&I
250/70R15 250R1518153A5TTRadial M&I
315/70R15 300R1520165A5TTRadial M&I
8.25R1516153A5TTRadial M&I
10.00R2018166A5TTRadial M&I
12.00R2020176A5TTRadial M&I
12.00R2420178A5TTRadial M&I
14.00R2418193A5TLRadial M&I

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