Continental SH12 Super Elastic

Continental SH12 Super Elastic

The Continental SH12 features a slick tread and solid shoulder, making it ideal for use on dry, even surfaces.

With its smooth profile, the SH12 offers maximum driving comfort with minimal vibrations.

The even tread also ensures maximum resistance to chipping and chunking.

Additionally, it offers exceptionally high levels of dry traction due to complete contact between the tyre and the road.

The tyres closed shoulder areas minimise the risk of tread edge damage.

Moreover, you will benefit over the long term thanks to the tyres low rolling resistance and high mileage performance.

The Continental SH12 is therefore ideal for applications where low energy consumption, high levels of comfort, and protection against tread edge damage are required.


Tyre SizePatternTypeNon Marking
300-15SH12 Clean8.00 Rim SitYes
355/50-20SH1210.00 Rim SitNo

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