Continental SC18 Super Elastic

Continental SC18 Super Elastic

The SC18 proves itself in hot, difficult and tough applications. This solid rubber tyre ensures constant propulsion on any surface thanks to its proven tread pattern.

  • Low rolling resistance.
  • Low energy consumption.
  • High-level ride comfort.
  • Highly resistant to cuts.
  • Long service life.
  • High mileage.


Tyre SizePatternTypeNon Marking
125/75-8 (15/4.5-8)SC183.00 RimNo
125/75-8 (15/4.5-8)SC183.00 Rim SitNo
125/75-8 (15/4.5-8)SC18 Clean3.00 Rim Yes
125/75-8 (15/4.5-8)SC18 Clean3.00 Rim SitYes
5.00-8SC183.00 RimNo
5.00-8SC183.00 Rim SitNo
5.00-8SC18 Clean3.00 Rim Yes
5.00-8SC18 Clean3.00 Rim SitYes
150/75-8 (16/6-8)SC184.33 RimNo
150/75-8 (16/6-8)SC184.33 Rim SitNo
150/75-8 (16/6-8)SC18 Clean4.33 Rim Yes
150/75-8 (16/6-8)SC18 Clean4.33 Rim SitYes
180/70-8 (18/7-8)SC184.33 RimNo
180/70-8 (18/7-8)SC184.33 Rim SitNo
180/70-8 (18/7-8)SC18 Clean4.33 Rim Yes
180/70-8 (18/7-8)SC18 Clean4.33 Rim SitYes
200/75-9 (21/8-9)SC186.00 RimNo
200/75-9 (21/8-9)SC186.00 Rim SitNo
200/75-9 (21/8-9)SC18 Clean6.00 Rim Yes
200/75-9 (21/8-9)SC18 Clean6.00 Rim SitYes
6.00-9SC184.00 RimNo
6.00-9SC184.00 Rim SitNo
6.00-9SC18 Clean4.00 Rim Yes
6.00-9SC18 Clean4.00 Rim SitYes
140/55-9SC184.00 Rim SitNo
140/55-9SC18 Clean4.00 Rim SitYes
200/50-10SC186.50 RimNo
200/50x10SC186.50 Rim SitNo
200/50x10SC18 Clean6.50 Rim Yes
200/50-10SC18 Clean6.50 Rim SitYes
6.50-10SC185.00 RimNo
6.50-10SC185.00 Rim SitNo
6.50-10SC18 Clean5.00 Rim Yes
6.50-10SC18 Clean5.00 Rim SitYes
225/75-10 (23/9-10)SC186.50 RimNo
225/75-10 (23/9-10)SC186.50 Rim SitNo
225/75-10 (23/9-10)SC18 Clean6.50 Rim Yes
225/75-10 (23/9-10)SC18 Clean6.50 Rim SitYes
7.00-12SC185.00 RimNo
7.00-12SC185.00 Rim SitNo
7.00-12SC18 Clean5.00 Rim Yes
7.00-12SC18 Clean5.00 Rim SitYes
250/75-12 (27/10-12)SC188.00 RimNo
250/75-12 (27/10-12)SC188.00 Rim SitNo
250/75-12 (27/10-12)SC18 Clean8.00 Rim SitYes
315/45-12 SC1810.00 Rim SitNo
250/60-12SC188.00 Rim SitNo
250/60-12SC18 Clean8.00 Rim SitYes
7.00-15SC185.50 RimNo
7.00-15SC186.00 RimNo
7.50-15SC186.50 RimNo
225/75-15 (8.15-15/28x9-15)SC187.00 RimNo
225/75-15 (8.15-15/28x9-15)SC187.00 Rim SitNo
225/75-15 (8.15-15/28x9-15)SC18 Clean7.00 Rim Yes
225/75-15 (8.15-15/28x9-15)SC18 Clean7.00 Rim SitYes
8.25-15SC186.50 RimNo
8.25-15SC186.50 Rim SitNo
8.25-15SC18 Clean6.50 Rim Yes
8.25-15SC18 Clean6.50 Rim SitYes
250/70-15 (250-15)SC187.00 RimNo
250/70-15 (250-15)SC187.00 Rim SitNo
250/70-15 (250-15)SC18 Clean7.00 Rim Yes
250/70-15 (250-15)SC18 Clean7.00 Rim SitYes
250/70-15 (250-15)SC187.50 RimNo
250/70-15 (250-15)SC18 7.50 Rim SitNo
250/70-15 (250-15)SC18 Clean7.50 Rim Yes
315/70-15 (300-15)SC188.00 RimNo
315/70-15 (300-15)SC188.00 Rim SitNo
315/70-15 (300-15)SC18 Clean9.75 Rim Yes
355/45-15 (28x12.5-15)SC189.75 RimNo
355/45-15 (28x12.5-15)SC189.75 Rim SitNo
355/45-15 (28x12.5-15)SC18 Clean9.75 Rim Yes
355/45-15 (28x12.5-15)SC18 Clean9.75 Rim SitYes
355/65-15 (350-15)SC189.75 RimNo
355/65-15 (350-15)SC189.75 Rim SitNo
355/65-15 (350-15)SC18 Clean9.75 Rim Yes
355/65-15 (350-15)SC18 Clean9.75 Rim SitYes
10.00-20SC187.50 RimNo
10.00-20SC188.00 RimNo
12.00-20SC188.00 RimNo
12.00-20SC188.50 RimNo

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