Continental ContiRV20

Continental ContiRV20

Closed shoulder to avoid tread tearing.
Reinforced sidewall for outstanding damage resistance.
Perfectly balanced tread depth to minimise heat build-up and maximise service lift.
Tread compound balanced to minimise rolling resistance and still maintain a full grip on airport ground surfaces.
Ribbed tread design to minimise vibration.
Radial carcass offers maximum comfort.


Tyre SizeLI/SSTT/TLTread
6.00R9121A5TLRadial 3 Rib
6.50R10128A5TLRadial 3 Rib
225/75R10128A5TLRadial 3 Rib
7.00R12136A5TLRadial 3 Rib
165R13102A6TLRadial 3 Rib
7.00R15143A5TLRadial 3 Rib
250/70R15153A5TLRadial 3 Rib
7.50R15146A5TLRadial 3 Rib
8.25R15153A5TLRadial 3 Rib
315/70R15165A5TLRadial 3 Rib
12.00R20176A5TLRadial 3 Rib

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