Advance POB Treaded

Press-On-Band treaded tyre.

Puncture proof.

High load capacity.

Square tread profile ensuring good stability.

Low rolling resistance at no extra premium reducing energy/fuel consumption.


Tyre SizeTypeNon Marking
14x4.5-8POB Treaded Yes
16x5-10.5POB TreadedNo
16x5-10.5POB Treaded Yes
16x6-10.5POB TreadedNo
16x6-10.5POB Treaded Yes
16x7-10.5POB TreadedNo
15x5-11.25POB TreadedNo
15x5-11.25POB Treaded Yes
16.25x5-11.25POB TreadedNo
16.25x5-11.25POB Treaded Yes
16.25x6-11.25POB TreadedNo
16.25x6-11.25POB Treaded Yes
18x6-12.125POB TreadedNo
18x6-12.125POB Treaded Yes
18x8-12.125POB TreadedNo
18x8-12.125POB Treaded Yes
18x7-12.125POB TreadedNo
21x7-15POB TreadedNo
18x7-12.125POB Treaded Yes
21x7-15POB Treaded Yes
21x8-15POB TreadedNo
21x8-15POB Treaded Yes
22x8-16POB TreadedNo
22x9-16POB TreadedNo
22x9-16POB Treaded Yes

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