Advance OB502

Advance OB502

The Advance OB502 was developed with a very deep block profile and a reinforced flank to insist on rough ground. At the same time, the reinforced sidewall enables increased cutting and impact resistance.

This Advance OB502 also offers increased stab and cut resistance, wear resistance and improved driving comfort.

The design enables high load-bearing capacity, and better mileage and the strong profile offers good traction.


Tyre SizePly RatingTT/TL
5.00-8 (Set)10TT
16x6-8 (Set)16TT
18x7-8 (Set)14TT
21x8-9 (Set)16TT
6.00-9 (Set)10TT
6.50-10 (Set)10TT
7.00-12 (Set)12TT
27x10-12 (Set)14TT
7.00-15 (Set)12TT
28x9-15 (Set)14TT
250x15 (Set)18TT
300x15 (Set)18TT
7.50x15 (Set)14TT
8.25x15 (Set)14TT
7.50-16 (Set)12TT
10.00x20 (Set)20TT
12.00x20 (Set)24TT

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