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Tyre size:   18x7-8     
Part No:   M0202003
4.33 Rim

Features & benefits:
  • The ST- 3000 has been designed to match the high standards being set by the new generation of fork lift trucks, offering maximum stability under high loads, whilst maintaining low heat build up and optimum resilience for enhanced driver comfort.
  • In addition, our advanced three compound technology offers maximum abrasion resistance in tough conditions, optimizing cost per hour ratios, thus reducing downtime.
T4U Code BrandSizePly RatingLoad Index & Speed Rating
M0202003 Standard 18x7-8
M0202004 Standard 18x7-8
M0202006 Standard 600-9
M0202007 Standard 650-10
M0202008 Standard 6.5-10
M0202010 Standard 700-12
M0202015 Standard 250-15
M0202019 Standard 825-15
M0202021 Standard 28x9-15
M0202025 Standard 500-8 (3.00)
M0202026 Standard 500-8
M0202027 Standard 300-15
M0202035 Standard 700-15
M0202037 Standard 1000-20
M0202049 Standard 700-15 (6)
M0202053 Standard 250-15
16489 Standard 600-9
17699 Standard 700-12